Basic concepts, instructions and conditions of service

The rental price includes:

- Delivery of the vessel at the agreed time and place;
- Base Insurance;
- Administrative expenses;
- 24-hour support (if Skipper is available), in the case of self-rental, this service is paid in some cases (see additional options when ordering.


The rent does NOT include:

- After-hours service (working hours depend on the location of receipt - delivery of the vessel, so carefully read the schedule of the office of receipt - delivery of the rental vessel);
- Delivery of the vessel outside the main home port;
- Fuel consumed during rental time;
- Failure to appear at the place of receipt of the vessel;
- Late / early return;
- Loss of keys, documents; (self-rental)
- Service charge (return of a dirty vessel; with insufficient fuel, etc.);
- Full coverage (accident insurance, the cost of full coverage is calculated based on the number of rental days).
Please note that prices for additional services that are not included in the total rental price and are paid by the rental company may vary. Additional options / special equipment are available subject to availability.

Voucher | Contract

Our company coordinates your lease with the rental company, depending on the specified type of vessel and the location of its receipt. You must present your voucher upon picking up the boat at the car rental office. Please note that the voucher is not a rental agreement and upon receipt of the boat you must sign a rental agreement with the rental company indicated on the voucher in accordance with local laws. You must pay the rental amount shown on the first page of the voucher to the rental company. Payment for services not included in the rent is made according to local requirements and in local currency based on a contract with the rental company.

Cancellation of reservation

Cancellation of reservations with full and partial prepayment.
- If you cancel your reservation at least 72 hours before the start of the rental, you will be refunded, except for a cancellation rate of EUR 50.00;
- If you cancel your booking less than 48 hours before the start of the rental, you will be refunded, except for a cancellation rate of EUR 100.00;
- If you cancel your booking less than 24 hours before the start of your rental, you will receive a refund, except for a cancellation rate of EUR 200.00;
- If your prepayment is less than EUR 150.00, there is no additional cancellation fee, but no refund is possible. Unused rental days are non-refundable;
- In case of unfavorable weather conditions or force majeure force majeure circumstances, due to which, you will not be able to provide the ship at the agreed time and place, you will be offered a different rental time;
- Reservations cannot be canceled after the start of the rental.
* Or the same amount in USD / GBP according to the exchange rate in force at the time of cancellation.

Change of booking

You can change your booking on the website (by specifying the booking number in the "Booking number" section) no later than 24 hours before the start of the rental.
Please note that any change to the booking, including a change in the pick-up or return location, ship class, rental duration, as well as the renter's personal details, may affect the rental price, therefore the total cost after the changes may differ from the one indicated when booking.
Please note: prices are based on the time and date of pickup and return of the vessel, which you choose when booking. If you receive the ship later (on your initiative) or return earlier than the specified time, no refund for unused hours or days of the lease is possible..

Non appearance:

The following cases fall under the non-appearance:
- If we do not receive timely notification of your canceled booking;
- If you are not at the pick-up location at the scheduled time;
- If upon receipt of the vessel you do not have the necessary documents;
- If upon receipt of the vessel, you cannot provide a payment card in the name of the main lessee with a sufficient amount to block the security deposit.
In all these cases, a refund is not possible. The rental company reserves the right to refuse to issue you a vessel if you are not at the pick-up location at the set time with the documents required for the rental and a payment card, or if you were previously blacklisted by the rental company.

Rent without a license | License | Skipper
The rental of a boat, depending on the power of the engine installed on it, its dimensions and other requirements, is carried out both with and without a license, as well as resorting to the services of a third-party Skipper.
Without a license - If the sea vessel you lease does not require a license to go to sea, you will be met by a representative of the rental company at the agreed time before the start of the lease and will give you a short instruction on how to operate the boat. After making sure that you fully understand the principles and requirements of ship management, as well as the requirements of safety measures, you will be admitted to its management;
License - if you are renting a vessel that requires a license to sail and operate this vessel, then you will need to present this certificate upon receipt of the vessel for hire at the counter of the rental company. The license will be verified to meet the management requirements of the vessel and you will be admitted to the rental.
In the absence of this license, or for any reason why you cannot present it upon receipt of the rental vessel, the rental company has the right to refuse you to receive the vessel.
Skipper | Captain - a number of rented vessels (see the conditions and descriptions of each vessel separately) come with or without a captain (Skipper). According to various requirements of the rental companies, the captain may already be included in the rental price or his services may be paid separately.
Customer Service Questions

If you are dissatisfied with certain aspects of the rental, inform the rental company on site.
For formal complaints at the end of your rental, please send in writing to our Customer Service Department at We will take into account your interests and try to understand the situation. You will receive a confirmation of your email within a few days, and we will answer all customer service questions within 28 days of receipt. In some cases, delays are possible when we deal with third parties.

Fuel | Conditions of rental companies

- Before the start of the lease, according to the rules of our company, you must pay from 10-30% (depending on the type of vessel and the place of receipt) of the cost of all services ordered by you (time of renting a boat, additional options, etc.), including a deposit for consumed fuel for the previously agreed rental time. At the end of the lease, you will have to repay the amount of fuel consumed during the rental in cash.
- In some cases, a deposit is not required (see the conditions for obtaining for each individual vessel. General rental rules do not apply to each particular case), the cost of fuel is calculated upon return of the vessel based on how much fuel was consumed. The fuel administration fee charged by the car rental company is added to the cost of fuel consumed.
- When a number of promotions are carried out by rental companies and boat owners, including the inclusion of the price of consumed fuel in the rental price, requirements and rules for refunding fuel and a separate deposit (for fuel) do not apply in general.
- Fuel is paid at the rental point, unless otherwise specified in the rental conditions.


- Depending on the place of receipt of the rented boat, the voucher that you receive when you pay the initial payment (deposit) will indicate the address, as well as the working hours of the pick-up - change office.
- Please, before receiving the vessel, carefully read the address, as well as office hours. Receipt or delivery of the vessel outside office hours is subject to an additional fee.
- The rental company or the owner of the boat must be at the appointed time and at the indicated place, waiting for you.
- The vessel must be equipped with all the necessary, as well as approved safety and communication means.
- For additional insurance of our clients, we never provide information on offices that will be unavailable during the time period specified by you in the search filter when choosing a vessel. However, we cannot guarantee the timely return of the vessel by our clients to the rental office and the responsibility, as well as the rental payment for the return outside working hours, lies entirely with the client..
- Before picking up the boat, print the rental voucher you received and present it at the pick-up office counter.
- Carefully inspect the ship you receive for damage, technical serviceability and availability, as well as the amount of fuel.
- If you have any claims against the rental boat, please state them upon acceptance and before you sign the lease agreement. Further, all remarks identified as a result of operation (except for cases of natural malfunction) have no legal force.